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WE NEED YOU: New campaign targets locals for seasonal jobs

A new jobs campaign targeting South Australians to do seasonal work in the primary industries sector such as fruit picking and grape harvesting, has been launched today by the Marshall Liberal Government to help boost regional economies dealing with the impacts of coronavirus.

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GM crops Bill passes Parliament

The Marshall Liberal Government’s Legislation to lift the Genetically Modified (GM) moratorium and allow GM crops to be grown on mainland South Australia has passed Parliament.

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SA the Seafood State - a stronger fishing future

South Australia will cement its place as the Seafood State of the southern hemisphere with a $24.5 million boost for our fishers to land a catch for dinner plates for years to come.

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Riverland Wine and Food Centre case stacks up

A $19 million state-of-the-art Riverland Wine and Food Centre would be a focal point in attracting tourists as a destination experience, according to an independent business case released today.

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GM crops Bill set to pass parliament

The Marshall Liberal Government has reached a position that will enable legislation to pass to lift the Genetically Modified (GM) food crops moratorium and allow GM to be grown on mainland South Australia.

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Fee relief for fishing industry in wake of coronavirus

The Marshall Liberal Government will provide fee relief to the commercial seafood and charter boat sectors which have been significantly impacted as a result of coronavirus.

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Regional Growth Fund applications brought forward

The opening of the third funding round of the Regional Growth Fund has been brought forward to help provide economic stimulus to our regions in the wake of devastating bushfires, drought and ongoing impacts of coronavirus.

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Passionate psychologist crowned 2020 Rural Women's Award winner

Clinical psychologist and World’s End farmer Stephanie Schmidt has been named South Australia’s AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award winner for 2020.

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Travellers reminded not to bring fruit and vegetables into SA

The South Australian Government is urging interstate travellers to play their part in the battle against fruit fly this long weekend and not bring fruit and vegetables into the state.

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Drought package expanded to help more people
  • Expand mental health outreach support with enhanced Family and Business Support Program
  • Introduce a $120 per dog wild dog bounty
  • $330,000 for community drought recovery events
  • Extend the 50 per cent rebate for pastoral lease rents
  • An extra wild dog trapper to be employed
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