Sharing bushfire responsibility this summer

With a tough bushfire season predicted and fast approaching, Member for Chaffey, Tim Whetstone MP, is encouraging all community members and groups to prepare their bushfire survival plan.

“Bushfire safety is a shared responsibility and every person who lives in the Riverland and Mallee should be preparing for the season,” Mr Whetstone said. “Increased fuel growth and the long hot summer ahead means fire will be a severe risk to our community once again.

“As many people in the electorate would know, bushfires are devastating, and it is very important to take the time to prepare your property, look at your bushfire survival plan and give their full attention to the very real threat of bushfire.”

“It is also important to consider the potential for a loss of power or mobile phone service, as while it can be rare, it does happen and often it’s when we least expect it.

“Even those people in towns or non-bushfire risk areas are at risk of losing power as it is likely the power lines run through a bushfire risk area.”

“Our local CFS do a fantastic job protecting lives and property, but it is not just their responsibility- they need your support.

“It’s important to be bushfire ready- it might be something as simple as developing a Bushfire Survival Plan, making sure that dry vegetation is kept at least 20 metres away from your house or buildings and that gutters are clear.”

“Discuss with your family, friends and next-door neighbour what actions you will take if a fire does break out near your home or town and make sure everyone agrees on the best course of action and stick to that plan.”

For information on your Bushfire Survival Plan visit