I rise to speak on an issue that is of much concern to much of the farming community right around the state, but it is impacting significantly on farming practices in the seat of Chaffey, impacting on neighbours next door and far away. That is spray drift. Spray drift is having a serious impact on neighbouring crops that have seen significant damage through a careless act of the neighbouring farmer.

What I must say is that the former Liberal government, with myself as the minister, installed the Mesonet weather station network, and that funding has now been taken away. That weather station network was put in place for a simple reason: to give farmers who are spraying crops the understanding of when to spray and when not to, through weather conditions and forward forecasting. What we are now seeing is significant damage.

I am calling on this Labor government to reinstate the Mesonet weather station network and to have primary producers comply with the advice from the app-based info service, because before much longer people are going to start testing their rainwater tanks. They are going to find 2,4-D in their rainwater tanks, 2,4-D and ester. We are going to see MRI tests into our food chain that will see contamination.

I am not blaming individuals, but I do know that there needs to be a level of compliance by farmers in the way that they practise management of spraying on their farms. It is something that you are going to hear a lot more about with me here in this chamber.

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