Mr WHETSTONE (Chaffey) (14:47): My question is again to the Minister for Human Services. Minister, what emergency housing will be made available for the 4,000 to 6,000 homes that will be vacated due to high flows and power disconnections?

The Hon. N.F. COOK (Hurtle Vale—Minister for Human Services) (14:47): I think we all know that the modelling has changed quite significantly in the past few weeks, with my advice at the latest being very close to the 200 gigalitres a day flow which, as you know, will exponentially increase the areas of flood. Importantly, my advice is that people are being told to have alternate plans ready very quickly.

There are opportunities now for people to be able to leave and stay with family and friends away from the flood area. I understand that's not a practical, immediate thing for everybody. I understand that is the advice as well, apart from neighbouring towns and places in the region having hotels being identified currently for accommodation that is shorter term. As a department we also, as you would know, have capacity to stand up other emergency accommodation, as was done in the KI fires and remained in place for quite some time.

The modelling is changing. We do have people on the ground up there talking with the community and working out what is needed from day to day, but I understand that, honestly, this is a changing prediction at the moment. People are there, and they are working with people in the local area to identify options for accommodation as that sort of area of expectation increases.

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