Labor Slams the Brakes on Truro Freight Route

Labor’s long-overdue “90-day review” of South Australia’s infrastructure projects will see federal funding completely cut from the Truro Freight Route Project.

Despite strong community support and a 12,500-signature petition, the Federal Labor Government has pulled all funding from the Truro Freight Route Project, which was set to receive 80:20 Commonwealth funding.

Mr Whetstone said it was clear that the State Government had not been proactive in advocating for the Project’s future and had failed South Australia’s regional road users.

“This Government is doing nothing to address the 40 horrific deaths that have occurred on one of South Australia’s deadliest highways since 2018.

“Labor has failed the 4,000 people who travel the Sturt Highway every day and the 12,436 community members who signed the petition in strong support of the Truro Freight Route.

“I’m calling on the State Labor Government to now fund the Truro Freight Route Project and deliver this critical piece of infrastructure in full.

“The Minister has had ample opportunity to speak to his Federal colleagues to guarantee the Project’s future but has instead turned his back on this important project.

“There are more heavy vehicles and commodities on the road than ever before since Labor closed rail in Loxton and Pinnaroo. They are obligated to deliver this project in its entirety.

“Instead, they’ve given the all-clear to their pet projects in their own seats.

“You can’t put a price on one life, let alone 40.

“The Project’s benefits cannot be understated: reducing the loss of lives on country roads, lowering carbon emissions, addressing the cost of freight and travel, and supporting tourists travelling to our regions.”

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