Labor hides monthly crime statistics in another transparency fail

The Malinauskas Labor Government’s transparency track record has taken another hit with months’ worth of SAPOL crime statistics kept secret from South Australians.

The former Liberal Government publicly released SAPOL’s crime statistics every month, but Peter Malinauskas has withheld the important data from South Australians since becoming Premier.

The latest statistics were only published yesterday afternoon after a media inquiry.

Shadow Minister for Police and Community Safety, Tim Whetstone, said Peter Malinauskas has a duty to South Australians to release the information.

“Peter Malinauskas must explain why Labor has suddenly gone quiet on crime data when they regularly referred to it in media releases before the March election,” he said.

“Peter Malinauskas must commit to re-releasing SAPOL’s monthly crime statistics so South Australians aren’t kept in the dark.

“Rain, hail or shine, the crime statistics went out the door every month under the former Liberal Government to help keep the community safe, informed and updated.

“This data hasn’t been published for months now and this is yet another example of Peter Malinauskas’ credibility being called into question because of his lack of transparency.

“The data is important because the statistics offer a clear picture of current crime trends and indicate where precious police resources are being diverted.”

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