Growth focus for new Pastoral Board

An experienced and diverse membership has been appointed to administer the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989.

Six members have been appointed to the state’s Pastoral Board headed up by experienced beef industry leader, David Larkin AM as the Presiding Member. The new members are Jenny Treloar, Bruce Nutt, Colin Greenfield, Mark Fennell and Tammy Partridge, while James Morgan, Mark Anderson, Karina Sheehan, Jodie Gregg-Smith, Sharon Oldfield and Keith Slade have been appointed as deputies.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone said the new Board brings a range of industry skills and experience to the management of the Pastoral Act.

“I’m pleased to appoint Board members with a range of skill sets that will drive better economic outcomes for our pastoral region,” said Minister Whetstone.

“Our cattle and sheep industries alone contributed $2.9 billion to the state’s economy in 2017-18 and these sectors rely on strong, well-informed decision-making in the pastoral region. The Board’s new members will provide a unique insight into pastoral issues and growth opportunities to improve outcomes for our producers in the pastoral zone.

“I would like to thank the outgoing Board members for their professional approach and valuable advice and service over the past three years.”

Whilst the Government undertakes a review of the Pastoral Act, the Board will continue to administer the Act.

“The Marshall Liberal Government wants to grow livestock activities on our pastoral areas and capitalise on the economic opportunities these vast lands represent,” said Minister Whetstone.

“The use of the pastoral lands, which cover more than 40 per cent of the state, contributes to South Australia’s economy and industry, and is important for Aboriginal culture and supporting local communities.

“Since the Act was established there has been major change in pastoral practices and the adoption of technology, so this review is a much-needed step in realising greater opportunities for the pastoral lands in South Australia.”


The new Pastoral Board is:

David Larkin AM, Member and Presiding Member

Mr Larkin is the Chief Executive Officer of Hancock Agriculture, which has more than 25 pastoral properties in its portfolio. He is a former Chairman of the Australia Meat Industry Council.

Mark Fennell, Member

Mr Fennell, of Lambina Station in the State’s far north, was a previous Board member and has a keen interest in creating a sustainable and profitable pastoral industry, working to ensure land is managed well for future generations.

Colin Greenfield, Member

Mr Greenfield is an experienced sheep and cattle pastoralist and resides on his lease Billa Kalina, north-east of Roxby Downs. He is the chairman of the Northern Branch of Livestock SA, and is a keen advocate for the pastoral industry.

Bruce Nutt, Member

Mr Nutt, based on his lease Pandurra, north-west of Port Augusta, has wide experience in managing pastoral leases, and has been a pastoralist since 1976. He has an interest in practicing and promoting sustainable pastoral management under all climatic conditions, as well as sheep breeding technology.

Tammy Partridge, Member

Ms Partridge is the General Manager at the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia, providing certification services to the organic industry including pastoral leases in SA.

Jenny Treloar, Member

Ms Treloar has been in the industry since 1988, and is the lessee of Wadnaminga Station in the north-east of the pastoral region. She previously represented South Australia on the National Livestock Best Practice Committee, and was an active deputy member of the Pastoral Board from 2016-2019. 

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