Mr WHETSTONE (Chaffey) (12:48): I rise to support the shadow's motion this morning. It is an important motion because it is a day of remembrance and it is a day of paying respect, just like I did on ANZAC Day and at functions before ANZAC Day. There were thousands of Riverlanders who were working on fruit blocks who left their families behind and enlisted to fight, and some never returned. Our service men and women showed strength, courage, determination, endurance, mateship and bravery to represent their country and give us the freedoms that we currently enjoy today.

Over the course of ANZAC Day it is one of the very proud moments in my role as an MP to be able to go out and show respect and visit those ceremonies on the day. On ANZAC Day I was able to go to a number of services. At the dawn service at the Berri Barmera Garden of Memory, we saw over a thousand people attend, and it was a great ceremony. Speeches at all of the services were quite moving, as they always are. It does just remind us of the sacrifice that men and women paid to give us freedom.

I then moved down to Waikerie, where they had their mid-morning service. There were about 500 people there. That was a very healthy number in attendance there, where, again, I laid a wreath and passed on the respect on behalf of the people of Chaffey. I then moved to Renmark, where we had the late morning service, and again that was very well attended. Renmark has two services, the dawn service and a late morning service, to cater for all those, particularly the elderly, who might be a little bit restricted with movement and getting up early unaided, and so I think it is important that everyone has that opportunity.

I also attended the Loxton RSL dinner. That, too, was very well attended. It was a mark of respect for the still acting service men and women. It also gave us time to listen to some of the stories. Howard Hendrick, a 99-year-old serviceman, is still healthy, still does not wear reading glasses and still has a very bright brain. He is very active in the community. He really is one of the great stalwarts in this country who fought and represented our freedoms.

It was a momentous day once again, as it is every year. We are seeing more young people coming to these services and more people who are engaged. Sporting communities and school communities send students and representatives to lay wreaths and to show a sign of respect. It is a very good motion by the member for Hammond. It is a motion that I think every member in this place should make a contribution to. I am a little bit sad that there are only some who have. I think by and large it is a day of remembrance, it is a day of respect and it is something that I am very proud to be a part of.

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