$3.8 million funding injection for livestock industry

Protecting the state’s sheep and cattle industries from biosecurity threats, controlling wild dogs, and enhancing animal health and disease surveillance are the focus for $3.8 million of livestock industry funds.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone has approved $3.17 million from the Sheep Industry Fund and $667,000 from the Cattle Industry Fund to support initiatives recommended by the South Australian sheep and cattle advisory groups.

“This significant industry investment has long term benefits for farmers and continues to assist in upholding South Australia’s enviable reputation in animal health management, traceability and biosecurity,” said Minister Whetstone.

“South Australia’s cattle and sheep industries generated $3.4 billion in revenue in 2017-18 and are significant economic contributors to the state’s economy.

“The Marshall Liberal Government has a vision for our livestock industry that would see an increased flock and larger herd to take advantage of strong cattle, sheep and wool returns.

“Our government is leading a new $7.5 million Red Meat and Wool Growth Program and it is encouraging to see industry investing their own funds into this initiative.

“We will also work with industry to deliver the once-in-a-generation $25 million rebuild of the 100-year-old South Australian Dog Fence which will benefit our livestock industry well into the future.”

Projects to be funded from 2019-20 livestock industry funds include support for disease management such as footrot, investment in the Dog Fence and opportunities to access new markets.

The Sheep Industry Fund and Cattle Industry Fund were established under the Primary Industry Funding Schemes Act 1998 and provide a way for South Australia’s primary industry sectors to raise funds so they can favourably position themselves in the national and international marketplace.

Minister Whetstone recently announced the sheep and cattle industry funds’ administration and governance will transition to Livestock SA in 2019-20.

For a full list of projects see over the page.

Further information about the projects can be viewed at: www.pir.sa.gov.au/sheep-industry-fund and www.pir.sa.gov.au/cattle-industry-fund  



Sheep Industry Fund projects

Animal health


Footrot Management Program

$ 754,905

Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance Program

$ 439,114

Farm Biosecurity & Endemic Disease Management Program

$ 239,675

National Sheep Health Declaration Booklet Printing

$ 14,310

Sheep Lice Compliance Program

$ 160,000

Toxoplasma Control & Prevention Project

$ 32,000



NLIS Compliance Program – Sheep

$ 372,095

Predator control


Dog Fence Maintenance Program

$ 244,419

Biteback Wild Dog Control Program

$ 186,536

Wild Dog Trapper Program

$ 37,500

Box Flat Wild Dog Control Program

$ 5,100

Industry advocacy


Livestock SA advocacy

$ 399,484

Industry development


Growth of Red Meat & Wool Industries Program

$ 150,000

Enhancing Mixed Farming Enterprises Project

$ 30,000

SheepConnect SA Communications

$ 32,000

Merino Sire Eating Quality Evaluation

$ 23,000

Sheep Expo 2020

$ 11,500

Farm Gross Margin Guide Update 2020

$ 5,600

WoolTAG Toolbox

$ 5,000



Small Projects (projects to be determined)

$ 30,000




Cattle Industry Fund projects

Efficient and sustainable production


Growth of Red Meat and Wool Industries Program


Farm Biosecurity and Endemic Disease Management Program


Maintaining market access and securing new markets, and efficient and sustainable production


National Livestock Identification System Compliance Program – Cattle

$ 260,932

Industry advocacy


Livestock SA Contribution

$ 200,000

SA Dairyfarmers Association Contribution

$ 45,000

Business management and skills development


SA Junior Heifer Expo 2018

$ 2,500

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