SA sheep producers begin Dog Fence rebuild contribution

South Australian sheep producers have begun contributing directly to the rebuild of the $25 million Dog Fence with a 12 cent increase in the South Australian Sheep Industry Fund going directly towards the project.

The increase from 55 cents to 67 cents per sheep sold under the Primary Industry Funding Schemes Act 1998 was gazetted this week and is part of the livestock industry’s $5 million contribution to the rebuild of the South Australian Dog Fence.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone said the once-in-a-generation project is critical in protecting the sheep industry from the increasing threat from wild dogs.

“South Australia’s 2,150 km Dog Fence plays an essential role in protecting South Australia’s $4.3 billion livestock industry and it is important we provide the greatest barrier to support pastoralists by replacing the ageing fence,” said Minister Whetstone

“Industry’s contribution to the Dog Fence rebuild through the additional 12 cent increase per sheep sold has been strongly supported due to the benefits South Australia’s sheep industry will gain from reducing the threat of wild dogs.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is committed to working with the Commonwealth Government and industry to rebuild 1,600 kilometres of the Dog Fence in South Australia, not only protecting our state’s valuable livestock but helping to grow flock numbers and support farmer wellbeing.

“It is important there is a clear message to sheep producers and livestock agents that the extra 12 cents on each sheep sold is going directly to the fence rebuild.

“Once industry has committed its $5 million share of the rebuild, additional contributions such as this 12 cent increase will cease.”

Livestock SA President Joe Keynes said the 12 cent increase was supported by the SA sheep industry.

“We listened to our producers’ concerns about the threat of wild dogs and how much the rebuild will mean to the industry,” said Mr Keynes.

“In addition to the Sheep Industry Fund levy increase, other proposed sources of industry funding include an increase in the dog fence rates and a contribution from processing of rangeland goats.”

Furthermore, this week’s gazette also signalled a change in management for the South Australian sheep and cattle industry funds.

Under the new model, Livestock SA on behalf of industry will apply for payments from the Sheep and Cattle Industry Funds from 2020-21 for programs to will benefit the sheep and cattle industries.

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