I want to take this opportunity to thank our frontline health workforce, and this grieve is no reflection on you. Last month, the Labor government's record of the worst ramping in the state's history only continued to climb. Ambulances spent 4,773 hours ramped and, compared to May last year, an extra 200 patients were admitted to hospitals, and an extra 1,500 calls were made to 000. On top of this, the government canned elective surgeries for both metropolitan and regional South Australia.

The elective surgery list has blown out to 21,191 patients, 4,065 are listed as overdue, and many constituents in my electorate of Chaffey are on that list. Scheduled for surgery this week, they were told that they are going to have to wait—so how long are they going to have to wait? Every time the Labor government touches our health system, it ends in catastrophe. The state has lost faith in the health minister. They have lost faith in this current Labor government.

Regional communities are suffering from Labor's broken promises in the city. This is a reflection of the health system that is suffering in regional South Australia with the deficiency of a government, of a minister, that has continued to fail our health system. The regional health crisis continues. The regional health situation is of dire concern. What I want to do is make sure that our elective surgery is reinstated as soon as possible so that those people living with pain can have that surgery and get on with life.

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