I rise to make a contribution, particularly with the announcement of the federal budget last night. If I look at trade and investment, it was very disappointing. What we saw was a lot of renouncement, particularly with the South-East Asia trade strategy. It was a $509 million relationship strategy with South-East Asia, but it was announced in March so, again, this was just another renouncement.

I want to touch on one trading issue that has gone missing. We have a state green thumb trade minister—the minister has just been brought in to that portfolio—but we have a very experienced trade minister in the federal arena, and not one word has been said about the lobster industry. We have seen the lobster industry brought to its knees over trade with China, live lobster into China.

There is great representation. Justin Phillips from the southern rock lobster industry and Kyri Toumazos from the northern zone rock lobster industry have gone to extreme lengths to meet with politicians, to have the industry represented, to have that trade reinstated. It is an over $220 million industry, it is premium seafood to the world, yet we have these two Labor political teams that have left these lobster fishermen hanging on a rock. They are going crazy over lack of action with government departments.

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