Clean up of abandoned aquaculture infrastructure now complete

The clean-up of abandoned aquaculture infrastructure at Anxious Bay near Elliston on the Eyre Peninsula is now complete and the area has been remediated – with more than 50 tonnes of netting alone removed.

In November 2017, Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) engaged local specialist contractors to clean-up deteriorating infrastructure after the abalone farm was placed into receivership.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone said the community would be relieved to hear clean-up and remediation of the site has been completed.

“Ensuring the site of the abandoned abalone farm was remediated as quickly as possible was important to the local community,” said Minister Whetstone.

“As a whole the aquaculture sector is acutely aware of their environmental responsibilities and do all they can to protect the local marine environment.”

Member for Flinders Peter Treloar praised the local community for its support in the clean-up process.

“Along with the State Government, the west coast community and the Elliston District Council put in a huge amount of work to clean-up the site,” said Mr Treloar.

“A vast majority of those working in the seafood and aquaculture industry in my electorate do the right thing when it comes to being responsible for equipment and infrastructure.

“This isolated example of wrong doing was certainly disappointing.”

The clean-up was undertaken in two stages; firstly to remove and dispose of aquaculture infrastructure and debris floating in the water and along the shore line, then secondly to remove and dispose of further debris on the sea floor.

PIRSA Fisheries Officers, the Elliston District Council and specialist contractors removed debris scattered along the local coastline and on the abandoned aquaculture lease sites in Anxious Bay. This included multiple large nets, thousands of metres of poly rope, stingray anchors and plastic abalone trays. 

PIRSA is finalising a brief of evidence for consideration by the Crown Solicitor’s Office to pursue actions to recover costs associated with the remediation of these sites.

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