Grievance Debate - Chaffey

Mr WHETSTONE (Chaffey) (15:15): It gives me great pleasure to stand and talk about the awards that I have presented to some of the 23 schools in the electorate of Chaffey.

It has been quite a pleasure to visit those schools, to acknowledge some of those high achievers, not just academically high achievers, but those who are giving back to the community and those who are presenting great support not only to their fellow students but to the school community. I would like to acknowledge some of those students in the electorate of Chaffey. They are:  

  • Glossop High School, where Evan Wade made a great contribution. He is a hard worker with academic achievements; 
  • Renmark High School, where Kirra Demtchuk has done an outstanding job in supporting the school and is a high achiever; 
  • Loxton High School, where Olivia Vivian has been able to provide an outstanding contribution, not only to the school but also the Loxton community; and 
  • Waikerie High School, where Bonnie Dolphin and Cade Ridley are the two senior SRC leaders. They took out a scoop of the end of year awards. Those two school leaders will be a force to be reckoned with in their working careers. 

Moving on to some of the primary schools: 

  • Blanchetown Primary School: Sam Zadow continues to show great academic excellence;  
  • Barmera Primary School: Maddison Rossack consistently focuses on tasks and strives to achieve;  
  • Berri Primary School: Wyatt Nuske is an outstanding student and an all-rounder, and that is great to see;  
  • Cobdogla Primary School: Jack Crossfield's academic achievements have been absolutely outstanding. He is one of the great school leaders in that primary school;  
  • Glossop Primary Community School: Christa Kollias is one of the great role models at that school;  
  • Loxton Lutheran Primary School: Claire Scholz continues to volunteer and has a strong school and community contribution. She is a real leader in that primary school;  
  • Loxton North Primary School: Bethany Taylor continues to excel in her academic achievements. She is top of her class and top of the school;  
  • Monash Primary School: Isla Dixon is upholding living school values and consistently supporting her fellow students.  
  • Moorook Primary School: Abigail Reimann is a great young student. Abigail is an excellent all-rounder;  
  • Morgan Primary School: Ayan Patel has a strong growth mindset and is able to support students at every step of the way;  
  • Our Lady of the River Primary School: Caroline Cross has overcome many challenges, both academic and social, and has been able to achieve the highest level at that school. Congratulations to Caroline;  
  • Renmark North Primary School: I presented awards to Sam Ivanovic who is an all-round student. I know his older brother and his parents. His parents used to work for me at my farms. They are a good, all-round family;  
  • Renmark Primary School: Saraya Gardner is a kind and gentle soul and has the respect of her fellow students;  
  • Renmark West Primary School: Molly Peterson has outstanding academic achievements;  
  • Rivergum Christian College: Chloe McPherson continues to support her fellow students and is a high achiever; and  
  • St Joseph's Catholic School Barmera: Josephine Abela has high academic achievements and also has a great presence in the community. 

These are primary school students achieving great outcomes, which is very good to see. Also:  

  • St Joseph's Catholic School Renmark: Mia DePalma, the daughter of the principal, has outstanding involvement both within the school and the community, but particularly in her sporting achievements;  
  • Waikerie Lutheran Primary School: Grace Borgas is doing an outstanding job there. Grace is a great student with very caring qualities towards her fellow students and a very good community contributor; and 
  • Riverland Special School: Conrad Howe is the head prefect and is doing an outstanding job. It really is great acknowledgement of those students who are excelling. 

Not long after that, we celebrated the Renmark Rose Festival, which is one of the great traditional ten-day festivals in South Australia, up in the Riverland, one of the great places and homes of the rose. Despite the COVID restrictions, that rose festival committee got on with the job and presented an outstanding community event. To the chairperson, Sheree Chappel; the secretary, John Chappel; and committee members Chris Petersen, Richard Fewster, Lorna Taylor, Helen Davenport, Jill Knight, Sandy Lloyd and Priya Tomar, congratulations on an outstanding community event

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