Weatherill Government gets and F for exports

South Australia’s trade performance has slumped again with a billion dollars wiped off
merchandise exports during the past 12 months.

In the last year the value of South Australia’s merchandise exports fell 9.7% compared with
the preceding 12 months to $10.66 billion.

“These Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures demonstrate the Weatherill Government
has no effective strategy to grow exports in South Australia,” said Shadow Minister for Trade
and Investment Tim Whetstone.

“Indeed given the Weatherill Government’s target to lift exports to $18 billion by this year
Labor has failed dismally.

“These dismal figures go a long way to explaining why South Australia has had the highest
unemployment rate, in trend terms, for the past 26 months.
“The Weatherill Labor Government continues to live in its own bubble when it comes to

“Two and a half years ago the Minister for Trade said South Australia needs to do far better
with our exports and I completely agree with that statement.

“However, instead of acknowledging that South Australia is not performing as well it should
be when it comes to exports, we have a Government that continues to defend its poor record
on trade.

“After 14 years of a Labor Government, our share of the national export market has dropped
from from 7.3% to 4.1%, in annual terms, over the last 14 years.”

Mr Whetstone, said South Australia needs greater investment in our export strategies to
ensure the state can increase its exports.

“The slide in national export share highlights that other States have been able to capitalise
on export opportunities but we are not doing so to the same extent, despite operating in the
same global economic environment,” Mr Whetstone said.

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