The State Liberals have welcomed the Premier’s announcement of a new South Australian trade office in France, pointing out it mimics their own policy to increase the state’s overseas trade offices. 

“The SA Liberals have already committed to opening four new trade offices in Japan, Malaysia, Dubai and the United States if elected at the 2018 state election,” said Shadow Minister for Trade and Investment Tim Whetstone.

It’s worth noting that the Premier’s announcement of an office in France is well short of the $12.8 million the Liberal Party have committed to its trade office policy across four locations.  

“What is also particularly striking is the Premier’s announcement is in stark contrast to the position of the Minister for Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith, who has been vocal against establishing ‘bricks and mortar’ trade offices.

In August this year, the Minister for Trade told State Parliament:

‘I would just re-emphasise that, if members of the committee were considering how we might invest more in this portfolio, my advice would certainly be not to spend it on bricks and mortar.’

“Thankfully the Premier chose to reject Hamilton-Smith’s advice and adopt the position of the Liberal Party to
invest in the market and establish an overseas trade office".

“It is time Hamilton-Smith rethinks his position on the value of overseas trade offices and follows the Liberal
Party lead”.