Sport participation in Chaffey with $100 vouchers

Boost for sport participation in Chaffey with $100 vouchers

Sporting participation in the Chaffey Electorate is set for a boost with a Marshall Liberal Government, if elected, doubling the current sports voucher value from $50 to $100.

The voucher program is aimed at lowering the costs for families with primary school aged children participating in sport and recreation.

"In Chaffey, encouraging our youth to get involved in sport and recreation is very important and doubling the current sports voucher value will assist families with the cost of club membership and registration fees," said Mr Whetstone.

"In addition, we’ll also expand the criteria for funding under the sports club voucher program to ensure more recreational activities will be eligible under the $100 voucher available for each child annually.

"With local families having to continually dig deeper into their pockets to pay for the rising cost of living, doubling the sports voucher value will assist families who are struggling to pay for sports club fees.

"Many families in the region will welcome this announcement."

Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation Corey Wingard said the Sports Vouchers Program will have certainty under a Marshall Liberal Government with funding allocated annually over the next four years.

"Every child who wants to play organised sport or other recreational activities should have the opportunity to, because we know the benefits for kids growing up such as good physical health outcomes, instilling confidence, and being part of a team," said Mr Wingard.

"Junior sports and grassroots sports are so important to the fabric of our community and it’s important we give as many children as possible the opportunity to participate and be part of a club environment.

"I’m very pleased with this announcement as part of our Strong Plan for Real Change, as it not only lowers costs for South Australian families but it’s also a shot in the arm for junior sports participation."